Web Design Partner

We work using three business methods: 1. Fixed Price Model: You tell us requirements, we estimate the efforts, you approve it, we work on it and you pay fixed money. You hold all intellectual property. 2. Monthly Price Model: You have lots of work, which you want to get it done regularly. You hire our team to be fully dedicated to you. You pay a portion the monthly salary. Again, you hold all intellectual property. 3. Partnership Model: You have the idea, but not much money. You want to get it implement it. In this case, we will evaluate the idea, develop it jointly and market it. Intellectual rights(source code) will not be with you. It will be with us. In broad sense, you can choose any of the above methods as per your needs and grow your business. Now, how to proceed for outsourcing work. Here are some common sense suggestions. 1. When you outsource your work, you have to be careful. There are many people who are not competent but still want to have your work and try to deliver it. They may fail and learn from it, but for you it will be loss of time & money. That's one of the reasons why Tempesta was created. Talk to our founder, see our portfolio, and get our references. 2. Start with a small design project and ask us to solve it. If you are happy with our work then continue are partnership. Small things can become bigger in future, so before you invest more of your time & money into outsourcing, just be careful and see just how well our team can deliver. We are here to help your local web design company achieve greater heights in the future.

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